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SIO Awards

Every year the SIO organization considers handing out awards to local surety associations whose members have helped promote and advocate surety within the past year. The awards that the SIO hands out are directly related to the quantity and quality of the events and activities the local surety associations’ members have been involved in. 

 Any organization is only as strong as the members that represent it and with that we are proud to announce the 2016 winners of the SIO award. These members have volunteered their time and knowledge in helping  educate, advocate and promote surety products to those individuals and organization that are not familiar with it, so on behalf of the SUASC and SIO, the 2016 winners are:

  •    Mark Richardson of Pinnacle 

  •    Andrew Waterbury  and Kerissa Ricciardi of Turner Surety 

  •    Chris Schick of Travelers 

  •    Phil Vega of C&D Bonding and Mike Vanasopha of Great American 

  •    Marilyn Klinger of Sedgwick Law 

  •    Navid Barkhordar,Christine Williams and Shanette Anderson of Merriweather Williams

  •    Lourdes Landa of BB&T  

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Please click here for the Activities SIO 2017 spreadsheet to complete. Submit the completed form to Adriana Valenzuela at by the deadline date of February 2, 2018.

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